First Crossfit Workout

I hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend. While spending time at my in-laws this past weekend, I had the opportunity to try out CrossFit at Crossfit 1806 in Smyrna, DE.

It was so fun! So I hate the gym: the traditional big box gym with the set of lined up cardio equipment, the TVs all around, the meat heads grunting around the dumbbells and making all sorts of bedroom sounds. It just sucks. But I advocate all runners should be lifting weights, doing something outside the realm of running, biking, swimming. Not only does it help prevent injury, but it also helps performance.

Here is a nice break down from a more recent study (out of the hundreds of thousands of studies) that demonstrates this truth: STRENGTH TRAINING FOR MIDDLE- AND LONG-DISTANCE PERFORMANCE: A META-ANALYSIS

YMLSPORTSCIENCE does a great job with his info-graphics on the basics of the article.

  1. Resistance training shows moderate improvement for middle and long distance performance.
  2.  Maximal exertion and intensity leads to better outcomes vs other intensities.
  3. It doesn’t matter where you are on the spectrum of athletic performance. Everyone benefits.
  4. Resistance training makes you more efficient and overall more fit.
  5. The evidence suggest a minimum of 2x a week for 24 sessions to show improvement.

Here is why I loved this CrossFit workout:

1. It was fun. It was called the 12 days of Christmas. Each day corresponds with the number of reps. You work with a partner alternating the days until you reach day 12. It was cumulative, meaning by day 12, you and your partner are running through the whole list.

  • Day 1- rope climb
  • Day 2 – squat and overhead press
  • Day 3 – pistol squat
  • Day 4 – power clean
  • Day 5 – toe to bar
  • Day 6 – KB swings
  • Day 7 – KB Snatch
  • Day 8 – Pullups, strict
  • Day 9 – Box jumps
  • Day 10 – ball to wall
  • Day 11 – Burpess
  • Day 12 – Weight lunges

2. Everyone works together. It is a community in the truest sense. I was the new guy and I got high fives, fist bumps and cheers. The guy that was my partner turned out to be someone my wife went to high school with.

3. Equal opportunity. Check out the picture. It is equal men and women, all age ranges, all levels of fitness.

4. Coach Michael is a stickler for form and technique. Exercises were only available to me if I could demonstrate them. I couldn’t do any of the barbell stuff since it was my first time, but at least I could modify with the kettlebells.

Here is a Facebook Live video of how the fun chaos went down:

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