2018 Race goals

I’ve seen a fair number of injuries from poor training and poor planning. Most running coaches will ask you to pick an A race – the one race this running season that you want to finish/PR/place then a B race – a race you want to finish/PR/place but not as bad as A race.

You can do more races, just plan accordingly. Is one race too close to another? I always plan no more than one race a month. As good as I am to sticking to a training plan, I am a competitor. I know for myself that if it is a race, I am all in. No holding back. So I give myself a month in-between races to recover and prepare for the next one. The exception is if I am using a race to prep for the next one. For example doing a 10K two weeks before doing a 10 miler would seem appropriate if you have enough miles down for the 10 miler.

Here is my plan so far for 2018:

A) St. Michael’s Half Marathon May 19

B) Annapolis 10 miler  August 19

A few other races on my list:

Spartan Sprint May 12 in DC. Anyone interested in putting together a group? May 12


Dawnson’s Father’s Day 10K  June 17

Wyoming Buffalo Stampede 10K (great race in Wyoming Delaware) July 21

I am sure there will be a few more on my list. What is your A race and B race? Any other fun races out there?

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