Happy Monday

Treadmill running: I don’t hate it. I did a 5K on our treadmill this Sunday and was able to catch up on some TV. I admit – I am a Trekkie. I grew up watching the Next Generation. Huge Picard fan. I also tried the new Halo show. I never really played the video game, but I love some sci-fi, monsters, space travel.

Kept the pace low – 4.5 – 5.5 MPH

40 mins

KB swings at 40 lbs.

6 hours of yard work.

Working on making good habits: Drink more water, work out daily,

Congrats to all the Cherry Blossom 10 mile runners. I love seeing all the pictures and also envious.

Published by Dr. Dat Q. Cao

Runner, Physical therapist, Husband, Dad. Loves paddle boarding, traveling, dogs, sushi, BBQ

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