Steady-State Cardio

What is it? It’s your easy to moderate run/walk. I use it for my long runs to help build cardiovascular endurance, bone and tendon strength. It’s a 6 out of 10 feel. It’s about a 65-70% of max heart rate

Here is chart to help you estimate your 50% to max heart rate from the American Heart Association:

What are the benefits?

  1. Endurance. It’s great to help build up your base endurance. It’s beginner friendly and super easy on your body.
  2. Recovery. Too many runs and too many workouts at a high intensity leaves you in a fatigued state which means high cortisol and limited resources for your body to recover. This puts you at risk for injury, especially overuse injuries – stress fractures, tendonitis,
  3. Builds your engine. Lower intensity, steady-state workouts helps build your cardiovascular gains. It’s the work that helps build up your body’s aerobic capacity, mitochondrial efficiency, bone and tendon capacity.
  4. Brain health. It’s great for sleep and boost your mental health. It’s a mood booster which can help your immune system, skin and digestive health.
  5. It can be social!

I did 90 mins on the treadmill yesterday at 130-140 bpm. Caught up on my (Nerd alert) Star Trek – Picard series and then pushed a stroller around DC for 5 miles with about 130 lbs of resistance. I’d say 70% of my runs are in this steady state. I enjoy the meditative aspect of it. Keeps my mood up which is so important for me these days.


Published by Dr. Dat Q. Cao

Runner, Physical therapist, Husband, Dad. Loves paddle boarding, traveling, dogs, sushi, BBQ

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