Happy Monday

Treadmill running: I don’t hate it. I did a 5K on our treadmill this Sunday and was able to catch up on some TV. I admit – I am a Trekkie. I grew up watching the Next Generation. Huge Picard fan. I also tried the new Halo show. I never really played the video game, but I love some sci-fi, monsters, space travel.

Kept the pace low – 4.5 – 5.5 MPH

40 mins

KB swings at 40 lbs.

6 hours of yard work.

Working on making good habits: Drink more water, work out daily,

Congrats to all the Cherry Blossom 10 mile runners. I love seeing all the pictures and also envious.

DC Rock and Roll Half Marathon

DC Rock and Roll half marathon!

This was a well organized race with an excellent crowd and bands everywhere! I finished slower then what I planned, but those hills hit me hard. What I should have been doing: 1. More frequent weekday runs 2. MET strengthening to prepare for all those hills 3. not to cossack squats 2 days before the event. Lessons noted.

What next? Not sure. Thoughts? My deferrment from Marine Corp Marathon should go live tomorrow for October 2022.


Long time, no post. It is October and the last time I posted was in January. Just an update, but since January I have:

  1.  Gained and lost about 10 lbs. Probably gained it back with my beer brewing habits and summer of smoked meats.
  2. Ran my first half marathon: St. Michael’s in April.
  3. Hung out with Jay Dicharry and Brian¬†Heiderscheit at UVA’s Running in Medicine Conference.
    1. Both incredible speakers and researchers
  4. Ran out in Sedona Arizona which was awesome.
  5. Did another Annapolis 10 miler as a medical runner.
  6. Got a new pair of Altra’s which I am probably due for another pair.
  7. Currently dealing with some plantar fascitis. Here is where I am going to start. Will I run today? Most definitely. Just have to start slow and easy and not wear my vibrams.

Run Posture Matters

Postural stability drills help you become more efficient. Jay does a great job of breaking down this simple drill to keep your posture in check.

Looking forwards to seeing him again at this years UVA Running in Medicine course in March.

Jay Dicharry's Website, An Athlete's Body

Poor Posture = Poor run. Use this simple form drill from Running ReWired to find your neutral spine and nail it mile after mile.

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